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40-year-old Michael Kadlub of Wickliffe is back for a second year of Lighten Up. Last year's champion will be trying out P90X2 in his battle to lose 60 pounds.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March Madness in Arizona

I have been out of town in Arizona for the last week and a half, but I kept a brief journal of each day's activities.  Only a few days until another weigh in. I have also modified my ingredients in my protein shake.   Instead of Fat Free milk, I am going with Almond Milk.  



I spent most of the day exercising my mental muscles reading people's faces and reactions while I played poker and watched the March Madness games.   I had an omelet for breakfast, some Shrimp Kung Pao for lunch and a few chicken drumsticks for dinner.


If you have been reading past blogs, you would of read about my routine of pushups prior to bed (I started out with 10, went to 12, and then 15).  Well, today I increased my work load and do 20 before bed and 20 when I wake up.   Those 20 are close grip and split up 10 on one leg and 10 on the other leg. 




Omelet for breakfast, protein shake for snack, celery with turkey and ham salad for lunch, protein shake for snack, pan seared chicken thighs with herbs for dinner.


I got in a 2 mile walk, with periods of pushups and leg dips throughout the walk, and finished off with 100 reps of jump rope.



Omelet for breakfast, protein shake for snack, protein bar, celery/ham/turkey salad, pan seared chicken with the skins on (my guilty pleasure)


A 1 mile walk with some pushups in the park during my walk.  



Omelet for breakfast, protein shake for snack, protein bar, ham/turkey with dressing, and pan seared and then roasted ribeye for dinner (it was very tender and juicy).  I got some push ups in throughout the day. 



Omelet for breakfast, protein shake for snack, protein bar, celery/ham/turkey salad, pan seared chicken with the skins on.


2 mile walk and push ups



Omelet for breakfast, protein shake for snack, Shrimp tacos for lunch, peanuts, kung pao shrimp for dinner


2 mile walk and push ups



hashbrowns/sausage for breakfast, protein bar, chicken and mashed potatoes for lunch, protein bar, potato skins for dinner, push ups and hike up Camelback Mountain.  I have done this hike about 3 other times.  It was definitely much easier for me without all the added weight and belly mass getting in my way, especially the last half of the hike where it is more mountain climbing.



hashbrowns/sausage for breakfast, oats and honey granola bar,  turkey sandwich and ruffles potato chips for lunch, eggs/bacon/sausage and hashbrowns for snack, philly steak foccacia at Zipps Sports Bar for dinner (they have the best Foccacias!, push ups and 33 holes of golf.  Why 33?   I was set to play 36, but this was my first time out this year, and I ran out of golf balls after 33 holes (33 holes, 23 golf balls, 185 strokes).   That was quite a workout.



hashbrowns/sausage for breakfast, protein bar for snack, protein shake for lunch, protein bar for snack and 2 chicken sandwiches and fries for dinner (felt the urge for some BK so I splurged a little bit - I love those original chicken sandwiches with cheese on them.)


Not much exercise today as I was traveling aside from my daily push ups.  Also a long walk at the Detroit airport between terminals. During my travels I try to avoid any of the moving walkways, escalators, trams, etc and move about the old fashioned way, my own two legs. 



I am back in Ohio now and everything is in bloom, my grass is growing like crazy.   Feel like I have been gone a month.  Today I had a protein bar for breakfast, protein shake for lunch, and meatloaf with pepper jack cheese and jalapenos for dinner.  2 hours of hoops in the evening for my exercise.  I also added a set of 20 push ups midday to my routine, so I am up to 60 push ups a day.   My goal is to get to 100 each day.










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