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40-year-old Michael Kadlub of Wickliffe is back for a second year of Lighten Up. Last year's champion will be trying out P90X2 in his battle to lose 60 pounds.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunset Beach Vacation

Hopefully any readers were able to decipher my last post as an April Fool's joke, as I did not gain 20 lbs at the last weigh in. 


Sorry for the delay in correspondence.  I have been on vacation for the last week in a half in Sunset Beach, North Carolina.  I tried to keep a log as much as possible for my daily routines.  I definitely wanted to enjoy myself, while at the same time, not over indulging too much.



2 mile walk on the beach, 300 jump rope reps and 100 push ups

omelet for breakfast



Played a round of golf today and ouch!!!  109.   Going to need to retool the game.



Happy Easter everybody.  So I was able to indulge in some of the things I gave up for Lent today - Reese's peanut butter eggs (Thanks Marcia) and alcohol.  After having too much vodka while watching Bubba Watson celebrate his first Masters, I think I may extend my ban of hard alcohol and stick with water and almond milk for my hydration needs


I got another round of golf in and did much better today by 23 strokes.



omelet for breakfast, protein bar for snack, 400 jump rope reps and 100 push ups on the beach, almonds for lunch, and then a healthy dinner of clams/lobster and baked potato.


One bad thing I have been addicted to on vacation is a nightly snack of ice cream with peanut butter.



omelet for breakfast, protein shake for snack, homemade pasta/chicken for lunch, protein bar for snack, more homemade pasta/chicken for dinner, and of course an treat to end the night, ice cream and peanut butter

Exercise - my usual daily push up routine and 18 holes of golf




omelet for breakfast, bacon/eggs/homefries and toast for snack


protein shake for snack, homemade pasta/chicken for lunch, protein bar for snack, fish fry for dinner (Thanks Jim and Dustin for catching all the fish) with bluefish, onion rings, french fries, mushroom and pickles all beer battered.   Very delicious. We had run out of ice cream, so no ice cream treat to end the evening this time.



leftover fish and onion rings for breakfast, 18 holes of golf, steak sandwich for lunch with a few beers (I am on vacation from my no beer policy too, especially since this was the final day of vacation).  Protein shake for snack followed by a 2 mile bike ride.   Dinner include some pasta carbonara (Thanks Mary) and more beers to end the relaxing day.



The drive home included eggs/hashbrowns for breakfast, chipotle for lunch, and Nutrageous for snack, and home sweet home capped the night off with Wings and potato skins from the Wright Place.  Was still able to get in my 60 push ups, although I was getting funny looks when doing them in the parking lot at Chipotle in Winston Salem.




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