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40-year-old Michael Kadlub of Wickliffe is back for a second year of Lighten Up. Last year's champion will be trying out P90X2 in his battle to lose 60 pounds.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Holiday Week

Happy Birthday America!!!  With the holiday in the middle of the week, that seems to allow for more cookouts and get togethers throughout the week.   Definitely not good for my nutrition plan.   So this will be a Holiday Week for my nutrition.  Beers, fried chicken, Italian sausage, hashbrowns, brats, burgers smokies, and ribeyes until Monday.   However, my exercise routine is not on Holiday.  I will have gotten in 4 days of racquetball this week when all is said and done, including a 2.5 hours session this morning which left me soaking in sweat.  Sweaty clothes indicate a job well done.  I also got in 18 holes of golf on the 4th (which I added a bonus to the exercise by walking).


22 more days until the final weigh in.  Next weekend is the Johnnycake Jog, 5 miles by the Lake County Fairgrounds.  I have not done much jogging recently, but I think I might give it a try.  I enjoy pushing myself, and I will just will myself to run the 5 miles.




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