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40-year-old Michael Kadlub of Wickliffe is back for a second year of Lighten Up. Last year's champion will be trying out P90X2 in his battle to lose 60 pounds.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Beat The Heat!

I am loving the heat.  And not the prima donnas celebrating down in South Beach.


The more I sweat, the hard I feel I am working.   I played racquetball 5 times this week.  Last night after work, I biked to the local high school and ran some stadium steps and also did a circuit of jogging and push ups.  I think I am going to have a very good loss on the scale when I weigh in tomorrow morning.


I hope everybody continues on their journey to wellness.  One more month in this contest, but many many more years of happy lives for all of us.


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