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40-year-old Michael Kadlub of Wickliffe is back for a second year of Lighten Up. Last year's champion will be trying out P90X2 in his battle to lose 60 pounds.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tick Tock

Listen to the Bell Grossbar, it tolls for thee.


Only 36 more hours until the final weigh in.   This has been a good week.   Racquetball each day along with a P90X workout.   Tomorrow I might take a break from P90X because I have racquetball at 5:30am and then 36 holes of golf. 


I am hoping to show a little loss from last month when I weigh in on Saturday.  One thing is for sure, I feel so much better than I did when we began earlier this year, let alone last year when I entered the 2011 contest.   By being a participant, it has allowed me to totally change the way I live my life, and hopefully live a much longer life because of the weight I have lost. 


While I may have wasted the decades of my 30’s with poor eating habits and lazy exercise routines or lack of exercise routines, to borrow a phrase from my brother, I am going to Make every day of my 40’s decade Count, and everyday thereafter.






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