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40-year-old Michael Kadlub of Wickliffe is back for a second year of Lighten Up. Last year's champion will be trying out P90X2 in his battle to lose 60 pounds.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Month 1 almost in the books

With the first weigh in upon us this coming Saturday, I did a little research on the contestants last year in an Excel file I used to track myself and the others to see where I stood each month as motivation.  I noticed that there was not one single month in which every single contestant lost weight.  I am hoping after this weekend, I will be able to say something different about this year’s contestants.  


Today is my parent’s 41st wedding anniversary and we are meeting for lunch for some Mexican food (not exactly what you would call healthy), and then a dinner later this week to celebrate.   So hopefully, I am not the one who ruins the challenge I just mentioned above.   41 years is amazing, especially considering they had to put up with my brother and I living under the same roof for many of those years.  God Bless them! 


My plans for exercise this week.  Hoops yesterday, tonight and tomorrow.  I will be joining a P90X guru (Dom Matteo) on Wednesday night for his Fit Club workout, and then Saturday morning boot camp.




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